Points You Need to Consider if You’re Planning a Tented Wedding


There are basically two different types of tents available for Wedding tents, which are pole tents and frame tents. Pole Tents normally installed on grass because they have to be gaged and on the other hand Frame Tents can be installed on multiple surfaces like grass, concrete etc. Normally the best tent company can provide all the details to its customers about the structure and sizes of different varieties of wedding tents. Al-Fares International Tents provides ultra elegant and romantic wedding tent to all over UAE and other Gulf and African Countries.

There are following points you need to consider if you are planning to an outdoor tented wedding.

  • Style & Structure of the tent
  • How many people you want to accommodate and make a guest list
  • Read your supplier or vendor contract who is going to provide you rental wedding tents
  • Visit the location with your Tent Rental Supplier
  • What kind of Tent accessories you want?
  • A heating or Cooling system as per the season.


Wedding Tents Rental Dubai

Wedding Tents Supplier

For Inquiry Please: WhatsApp: +971 56 247 5586 or Email us: d.marketing@alfaresintl.com

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