The Arch Tents can be stretched lengthwise as much as you like or allied to other structures in order to create the ideal space for your event. The curved roof shape and self-supporting aluminum structure makes it unique and is best suitable for hosting sports and championship events, wedding and celebration events, spectator stands and lounges. In all our tent structures we use flame-retardant, UV-stabilized and all weather-resistant fabrics to make it more durable.

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Manufacture and Supply Event Tent Rentals Exhibition Tents, Temporary Structures, Aviation or Aircraft Hangars, Temporary Storage, Mobile Workshops, Pop up ShopsEmergency Tents, Temporary Warehouses

للحجز والاستعلام الرجاء الاتصال على الأرقام التالية

For Inquiries: | Whatsapp: +971 56 247 5586 | +971 6 556 3444 | Email: d.marketing@alfaresintl.com

High Quality Tents and Fabric Shade Structures by Al Fares Intl. Tents

Al-Fares Intl. Tent company’s extensive knowledge about MARQUEES/TENTS and commitment to providing our clients with high-quality Tents and Fabric Shade Structures for their ongoing/upcoming events and exhibitions.

Al-Fares International Tents – For Events & Exhibition

للحجز والاستعلام الرجاء الاتصال على الأرقام التالية

For Inquiries: | Whatsapp: +971 56 247 5586 | +971 6 556 3444 | Email: d.marketing@alfaresintl.com

Event Tents Rental

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Al-Fares International Tent and Event knows how important your event is, and we will work with you in order to satisfy all your needs. We realize that your event is not the only thing on your plate, so we strive to create a stress-free experience by customizing our services to fit your needs. Al-Fares International Tents will make it our precedence to make you comfortable with the planning process by staying in direct contact with you through every single step, or as frequently as you want.


Tent Rental Dubai

For Inquiry: +971 6 556 3444 | Whatsapp: +971 56 247 5586 | Email: d.marketing@alfaresintl.com

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