Same like frame tent, a transparent top tent can be assembled on grass, concrete, asphalt and other surfaces. There are no center poles which creates the inside of the tent more spacious. Transparent tops are highly adoptable and have a sophisticated look about them, making them a good fit for prestigious events. The clear roof allows natural light in and lets an unhindered view of the sky, which is great, as your guest can enjoy the view of blue sky. Transparent or glass tent are also working well during rainy days, the vision of rain over the tent creates a delightful mood for an event.


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Wedding Tent Rental Dubai

It’s never too late to rent a tent from Al Fares International for your upcoming wedding function in UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan. We provide our tent rental services all across Emirates, with branch offices in Riyadh, KSA, and Amman, Jordan. All over the Middle East people would like to prefer and organize outdoor events, so why not make it beautifully different by booking the luxury tents from Al Fares International.

We don’t only provide the rental service of tents and shades, but we will also supply luxury chairs and tables along with air conditions, flooring, carpets, lights if you need it. You can always ask our professional team and event coordinators about adding options to make the most out of your wedding or majlis.


Wedding Tents for Rent and Sale

The Wedding Tents by Al Fares International tents provide a distinctive and luxury experience. Our Luxurious wedding tents are favorite for many local residents for their friends and family gatherings during all the season because of its cozy and welcoming setup. We provide fully customized tents and seating arrangements as per our client’s preferences. Endlessly elegant, our tents and marquees can be hired and assembled at any residential and commercial places. We can also provide you furniture, lights, carpets, ACs as per your requirement.

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Eatery Tents by AL FARES TENTS

Let your customers enjoy SAFE DINING..! Eatery Tents by AL FARES INTERNATIONAL TENTS

As many restaurants around the UAE started to open after a long break because of the coronavirus pandemic, Al-Fares International Tents come up with the solution for restaurants all across the UAE  by providing them socially distant dining Tents to make sure the restaurant’s owners can serve their customers more safely than ever.

1 Eatery Tents for Restaurants

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If you have any questions or business concerns about the eatery tents setup in UAE for your restaurant, please do not hesitate to contact. WhatsApp: +971 54 400 2658 | Landline: Dubai: +971 4 344 4912 | Sharjah: +971 6 556 3444 | Email:



The Arch Tents can be stretched lengthwise as much as you like or allied to other structures in order to create the ideal space for your event. The curved roof shape and self-supporting aluminum structure makes it unique and is best suitable for hosting sports and championship events, wedding and celebration events, spectator stands and lounges. In all our tent structures we use flame-retardant, UV-stabilized and all weather-resistant fabrics to make it more durable.

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